MA Theses

Mary Tuti Baker (MA, 2010)

Challenging Imperial Capitalism: Sustainable Self-Determination Strategies On Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i

Iokepa Casumbal-Salazar (MA, 2006)  

Ambivalence and Appropriation: Imperial Hegemony and the Resuscitation of the Hawaiian State 

Megumi Chibana (MA 2012) 

(Re)-Discovering Okinawan Indigeneity: Articulation and Activism

Jolyn Garidan-Prieto (MA)

Senate Bill 2783 (HI Session 2012) - Why now?  And what is the correlation between land and power in Hawaiʻi?

Willy Kauai (MA, 2006)

Indigenous Politics and the Hawaiian State

Rachel Loo (MA, 2013)

Hulihia: The Story of Kanaka Hawaiʻi Resistance During the Political Ban on Hula

Nadezna Ortega (MA)

Matris Ti Kinaasinno: Womb of Being

Ponipate Rokolekutu (MA, 2007) 

The Politicization of Fijian Land and the Paradox of Indigenous Ownership

Summer Starr (MA, 2010)

It's in the Stars: Navigating Towards Decolonization

Ph.D. Dissertations

Leilani Basham (PhD, 2007)

I Mau ke Ea o ka 'Āina i ka Pono: He Puke Mele Lāhui no ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi

Iokepa Casumbal-Salazar (PhD, 2014)

The Politics of Mauna Kea Astronomy and States of Becoming: Kanaka Indigeneity, Monumental Science, and the Imperatives of Settler Colonialism in Occupied Hawaiʻi

Pualeilani Fernandez (PhD, 2013)

‘O Ke Kānāwai i Kalana Ola: Hawaiʻi’s Public Health and the Law

Sydney Iaukea (PhD, 2008)

E Paʻa ʻOukou: Holding and Remembering Hawaiian Understandings of Place and Politics

Karen Ingersoll (PhD, 2009)

Seascape Epistemology: Decolonization within Hawaiʻi’s Neocolonial Surf Tourism Industry 

Malia Kaʻaihue (PhD, 2010)

I ka ʻŌlelo nō ke Ola, i ka ʻŌlelo nō ka Make: Deconstructing Hawaiian Children's Literature 

RaeDeen Keahiolalo-Karasuda (PhD, 2009)

The Colonial Carceral and Prison Politics in Hawaiʻi

ʻUmi Perkins (PhD, 2013)

Kuleana: A Genealogy of Native Tenant Rights

Yong Zhang (PhD, 2013)

Thread Unwoven: Politics, Indigenous Knowledge, Ethnic Identity and Community-Based Cultural-Ecological Conservation in Ethnic Rural Regions in Southwest China—A Case Study of Tujia Brocade