Management of the Department is led by the Department Chair, the Undergraduate Chair, and the Graduate Chair.

Department Chair: Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua
Undergraduate Chair: Ehito Kimura
Graduate Chair: Katharina Heyer


Selects new graduate students; manages the application process. Also selects the incoming Teaching Assistants and assigns Tuition Waivers allocated for new students.

Chair: Jairus Grove
Katharina Heyer
Noenoe Silva
Matthew Markman
Irmak Yazici

Alt: Tamara Swift

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Teaching Liaison Committee

Nevzat Soguk

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Kathy Ferguson (Chair)
Benton Rodden
Amali Wedagedara

Alexandria Agdeppa

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Curriculum & Assessment

Chair: Ehito Kimura
Carolyn Stephenson
Larry Nitz
Stephen Zierak
Boyd DeLanzo

Grants, Awards & Hiring

Selects teaching assistants and winners of various awards; assigns Tuition Waivers allocated for current students; and manages the associated processes; selects and hires lecturers for summer session and on an ad hoc basis in conjunction with the Department Chair.

Chair: Nicole Grove
Myungji Yang
Dick Chadwick
Colin Moore

Adam Kirkman
Zoe Vorsino

Alt: Sophie Kim

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GSO Representatives

Boyd DeLanzo

Ari Eisenstat

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Professional Development for Graduate Students

Chair: Sarah Wiebe
Jamaica Osorio
Chantrelle Waialae
Kaylene Evans

Kisha BQ-Calvo

LeeAna Acfalle

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